What does a Bethel Sozo look like?

Sozo session is framed with the Father Ladder or the Four Doors. Sozo session will contain elements of the Bethel Sozo tools: Father Ladder, Four Doors, the Wall, and Presenting Jesus. Other tools may be used but not dominate the sozo ministry time.

When is a sozo/deliverance finished?

When you discern that the “strong man” has been defeated, or when you or the sozoee feel that you are finished.

How to handle a religious spirit?

Grace is the “offense” card that the religious spirit rallies against. Release an atmosphere of grace so that you do not come under the religious spirit in the room.

Why a suggested donation?

The Sozo staff are independent contractors and are not Bethel Church staff.

What about donations for church members?

Church members have the same “suggested donation”. Be aware to not bow under the spirit of entitlement. Pray against it long before you begin sessions and release a spirit of generosity over your church and ministry.

When to put people on the sozo team?

After the person has attended the Basic Sozo training and completed their own personal Sozo session, we place the people in the Third position on the team. This allows the person to view several Firsts from our team and see if this ministry is really for them. After the Third has sat in on a few sozo sessions (we don’t have a set number of sessions), the person will be asking or we will see that they need to be moved to the Second position on the team.

When to move a Second to a First position on the sozo team?

We watch to see the reaction of the Second. The Second who wishes to move to the First position usually starts asking to try to be a First. Or, the current First will indicate to the team leaders that a Second is ready to try the First position.

Note: At Bethel, we put a Second in the First position, with a strong First as backup, to see how the Second will handle the session. The team leaders will then talk to the First and Second about the session and their sense of the readiness of the Second to move to a First position. This may happen several times until the team leaders feel that the Second is ready to become a First.

How to handle team members who need to get the client totally healed?

All of us wish that everyone would walk out completely healed. However, sometimes, the sozoee won’t allow you to go any farther. We tell team members to look at what was accomplished rather than what was left to be done. We also tell the sozoee to live with the healing they have received and come back in 3 to 6 months for more healing.

In a Shabar session, when do you know when to quit if complete integration is not accomplished?

When complete integration is not accomplished, focus on providing information, hope, and some integration. Don’t force the person or parts to accomplish something you want done. When the parts are no longer wishing /wanting to talk to Father God or Jesus, then the session itself is finished.

When you get to a point when there is no progress toward Father God or Jesus, this could be a place to add more time between the sessions. This extra time will allow the client to process what has occurred up to this point. The client will have the time to see if they like the parts being gone and would wish for more ministry sessions.

Ask the client at this point, if he/she wishes to make another appointment, or live with this point of healing and call at a later date to make an appointment.

Can one Sozo session actually heal a lie that has been believed for many years?

Yes. Once the Lord heals the first time the lie was settled into your spirit, the rest of your life experiences based on this lie will realign to His truth.

How do you minister to someone who received wounds while in the womb?

I ask the Holy Spirit to come and show the individual where He was while the baby was in the womb. Then I ask Him to remove the poisons that the child fed upon during the pregnancy and to realign their body, soul, and spirit to only receive the proper nutrients and to no longer be able to “feed upon” the lies and damages that occurred in the womb.

If addictions are symptoms, then should deliverance be done without doing a Sozo first?

Yes/No. God can always bring instant deliverance. I would usually like to follow up such deliverance with the ability to find out why the addictions were there so that they can walk in complete freedom.

In a ministry time how should deliverance be handled/done?

Very gently. Deliverance is a by product of the wounds and lies healing.

What do you do when you get a religious answer?

I thank God for that answer and ask Him for another thought for the person.

Who should be Sozo leadership?

The leaders of your team should be the ones sozoing the leaders of your church.

Does the training seminar give you enough in-depth information for you to be qualified to counsel with Sozo?

Yes/No. You have been given all the information for the Basic Sozo but you can never underestimate experience. Jump in and give it a try. The CDs are helpful to re-listen to and to watch for any clarification.

Should you go through the Advanced Seminar, as well?

Yes if you are going to be ministering to people. But you should wait until you have been doing this for about six months to fully benefit from the teachings.

Are we released to train others in the Sozo ministry?

Yes/No. Usually, most people begin teaching with our DVD’s with their own leadership. They do a weekly training where you watch one of the sessions then begin practicing with each other.

What if it is a 1st that gets in over their head, can the 2nd shut it down?

Yes, but it is important to stay under authority. The second can gently ask the first (or write it down) if they would like them to “try out” something.

What if the 1st doesn’t recognize that they are over their head?

The second should pray for God to bring breakthrough! Many times we are just one step away from an amazing revelation when we are feeling stumped.

Can I lead someone to receive freedom if I don’t have any myself?

Yes/No. God can bring freedom to people even through unhealthy people. But, my concern would be on the effect the ministry would have on you if you are not healthy. It would most likely add a lot of stress to you. We see it often that team members who are not fully healed actually “trigger” in a Sozo session and come away having to have the first pray also for them.


What paperwork do you use?

We use a simple liability release and a very short intake form.

Can I have copies of the paperwork you use for the Sozo ministry?

Yes. But you will want to change them to your specifications. (They are in the Sozo training manuals – not the DVD manuals)

Why do you have donations/fees for the ministry?

“A workman is worthy of his hire.” We are not supported financially by Bethel Church. We are independent contractors so we do not draw a salary for our Sozo sessions. Also, we find that people tend to value it more if they have to sow into their own healings.

What do you say to the people who are offended by being asked to donate or pay a fee for the ministry?

We talk about the above reasons. But remember that sometimes a religious spirit will not bow to reason.