Many people approach us (almost on a daily basis) with the desire to be ministered to by a trained Sozo facilitator in a Sozo session, and not knowing how to make this happen!

We are so grateful to God that He has been raising up hundreds of leaders across the country (and continent) to be used by Him through the implementation of the Sozo tools. And so, we have 8 Sub-Facilitators who oversee the various groups within their province.

Your FIRST STEP would be to make sure you know exactly what Sozo stands for and what a Sozo session entails. Watch this insightful interview with founders of Sozo, Dawna de Silva and Teresa Liebscher. 

SECONDLY, find a team and person to facilitate your Sozo session. Do this by contacting the appropriate Sub Facilitator – click here for a full list of our Sozo Sub Facilitators across South Africa and the rest of Africa.

STEP THREE: provide them with your details and ministry needs 

STEP FOUR: the Sub Facilitator will put you in contact with a Sozo Team Leader or trained Sozo facilitator in a church near you.

STEP FIVEmake an appointment and come with an expectant heart that God will meet you and bring the healing you require.