Sozo Trauma Conference shines light on abuse issue

Trauma expert and Director of Transformation Center at Bethel Church in Redding, Yvonne Martinez, presented powerful teachings on the subject of trauma and addiction at the recent Sozo Trauma Conference that followed the Sozo Summits in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria.

Yvonne was introduced to Sozo in 2008, and saw how valuable Sozo was in healing body, soul, and spirit. She learned how to use Sozo with her clients trapped in unresolved traumatic experience, cycles of addiction and addictive self-harm, and now regularly incorporates Sozo sessions with her clients in addiction treatment. Yvonne now teaches other professionals how to incorporate the power of the Holy Spirit through Sozo into their client’s treatment plans.

During the full-day conference, Yvonne provided pertinent insight into the consequences of physical and sexual abuse, and the depth of brokenness that follows. Around 350 guests, made up of Sozo team members, counsellors and therapists, attended the conference across three cities.

The manual that was available at the conference, “Healing trauma through the use of simplified Bethel Sozo tools”, adds counselling skills to the Basic- and Advanced Sozo tools, and was put together by Yvonne herself, Dawna deSilva and Teresa Liebscher (the founders of Bethel Sozo). The manual is still available for ordering  through the Sozo SA office.

Carina Boshoff, the Regional facilitator for Bethel Sozo in South Africa, who invited Yvonne, believes that these Trauma conferences gave her Sozo teams deeper insight on what trauma can look like, how different people can react to it and how to minister more effectively to those affected.

Over the years, Carina identified that most South Africans are effected by some kind of trauma, either directly or indirectly. Carina shares: “I believe there will be a big shift in the way the teams minister to their after clients attending this conference!”