Our annual Sozo Summit took place on 16 & 17 August at Journey of Grace Church in Cape Town.

We were privileged to have Dawna De Silva, Stephen De Silva, Susan Anderson and Brian Long as guest speakers.

We learned so much and it was wonderful to listen to our wise and very experienced Sozo leader, Dawna. All the new information shared and explained was so in line with scripture and were received with enthusiasm by all 170 attendants.

Her messages centred around the body, soul and spirit. She spoke about the importance of not forgetting the spirit, as our connection with the Holy Spirit is the source of our wisdom and faith. She warned against the unbalanced focus on the soul realm where sin and brokenness are often embraced and focussed on. She also explained the value of just recognizing the natural desires of the body, and standing strong against them, and bringing thoughts captive, into obedience to His will. 

Dawna also warned us against the subtle infiltration of certain New Age practises into the church. She compiled a document about it which I will distribute to the team leaders to share with the qualified teams. 

In the session on Bodywork she taught on the way to heal the body of trauma – may it be real trauma, overworking, religion, shame – it can be many things. She demonstrated the interaction between body and soul, and how the body is unable to escape the reality we go through in life, but actually has a “voice”, if we knew how to listen. This new teaching is now part of the latest Advanced Sozo manual available at R220

Stephen DeSilva brought a whole new dimension to the Financial Sozo and explained the requirements necessary to be released to do Financial Sozo. The whole process is also explained very well on his website. His new financial manual sells at R350.

The Children’s Sozo conference was attended by 70 and Susan Anderson explained so beautifully how to connect a child to Jesus and bring Him into the room when we work with children. The Children’s manual is the foundation for everybody that wants to start doing children’s Sozo after completing the theoretical and practical side of the Basic training. The manuals are available at R220

And now the surprize! We have managed to get audio recordings of the whole Sozo Summit, which is available to everybody that attended and those that could not make it!! You will need earphones or a Bluetooth speaker to hear as the sound of the recordings are unfortunately very soft.


To view some photos, visit our Facebook page.

We want to say a huge thank you to:

Magda Le Roux and her Sozo team of JOG for hosting this event; and the leadership of JOG church for giving us the venue free of charge; 

Etien and Marieta van Vuuren and the Sozo team of Die Bron church, Gary and Rhona Kieswetter and Justine Pike for organizing and hosting the event, accommodating the speakers, and giving the venue free of charge for the Children’s Sozo conference.

And we want to thank everybody for their efforts and investment made to attend the Summit. We trust you were inspired, enriched and freshly encouraged. Let’s build on the new vision and insight we got from Dawna, Stephan and Susan.