Regional Facilitator of Sozo SA, Carina Boshoff and Deon Boshoff visited Nairobi, Kenya from 22-25 March to lead a Basic Sozo Training, hosted by Patria church – lead by Nkruma and Fezi Mauncho. The conference was held in St Marks Hall and saw 60 people in attendance. For most, it was their first time to be introduced to the Sozo ministry. Bessie Nchenge, Sub Facilitator of Bethel Sozo, Cameroon taught alongside Carina and Deon.

Fezile and NK Mauncho was officially released as the first Bethel Sozo team in Kenya. Their church's name is now on the Bethel Sozo network in Africa. They grasped the calling and the vision of introducing this inner healing ministry into the rest of their country. 

They also have a real passion to empower the youth by introducing them to the Father in order for them to find their identity. 

Left to right: Bessie Nchenge, Carina and Deon Boshoff

During a worship time at the Nairobi Basic Sozo Training.

Left to right: Bessie, Fezi Mauncho, Deon & Carina Boshoff, Nkruma Mauncho

Carina and Bessie doing a Sozo demonstration on stage, during the conference. 

Carina, Deon and Bessie whilst receiving individually crafted Masai blankets as special gifts in a typical Kenyan way. Thereafter they were prayed for by the elders of the church.

Releasing and praying a blessing over the leaders of Nairobi Sozo Team, Nkruma and Fezi.