There are two ways by which you can receive training:
1.  The best way is to attend a live Basic Sozo seminar.
These are held throughout the year in various cities/provinces in South Africa. The teachers are all approved by the Bethel Sozo leadership. Please go to Sozo Events to see the training seminars that are planned for this year.
At these conferences, you will receive a training manual and meet the facilitators that are appointed to oversee Bethel Sozo in the country and/ or your region. You will also watch a live Sozo demo, which will give you a great idea of what a session should look like.
You will also have the opportunity to set up a personal Sozo appointment, which is a requirement before you can start a Sozo ministry.
The second way to receive your training, is to watch the training dvd’s that can be purchased from the Regional Facilitator. After watching the dvd’s you must contact the Regional Facilitator who will direct you to a Sub-facilitator /or in the absence thereof, an experienced Sozo team for further practical experience.
Before you can start a Bethel Sozo ministry, or do Sozo’s for others, you need to get your pastors permission and blessing. He must release you to start this ministry. Once trained and equipped, Sozo South Africa releases teams into ministry. Out of this covering, flows the opportunity to be mentored, trained and incorporated into the Bethel Sozo Network of South Africa.
For more information go to ”How to start a Sozo team”.
2.  Work through dvd’s and practice on each other as training goes on.
Build close relationships and trust;
Everyone must have a personal Sozo with a qualified person;
Everyone must have the opportunity to sit in as a ‘third’, for at least 1 session;
Everyone must have the opportunity to sit in as a ‘second’ for at least 5 sessions;
The sub-facilitator in your region, or in the absence of one, the Regional Facilitator (Carina Boshoff) will help/ or direct you on how to achieve this.
You must be released into ministry by your pastor, and the abovementioned Sozo members in your area. This gives validity and momentum to your team. 
Teaching material:
DVD’s – You are allowed to make 10 copies.
MANUALS – There is copyright on the Training Manuals. No copying, translations or adding on information is allowed. For training of your teams, you can order directly from Bethel store, or from the Regional Director. Cost is about R180 each. The electronic copies are only for use with Live Training events, organized by Sozo South Africa.
Click here for more valuable Sozo* resources.
*Should we not have the resource in stock, we will direct you to where you can download the requested item.

The Sozo ministry was developed in Bethel Church, where certain Core values created the atmosphere for revival. If you would like to form part of the Bethel Sozo Ministry in South Africa, you need to be eager to adapt to, and operate from, these values.

In order to start a team, you must be under the covering of the Regional Director of Sozo South Africa, a person appointed by Bethel Sozo, with the goal of preserving the DNA of Bethel Sozo.

The following are guidelines that will help you to develop a Sozo ministry in your church according to the qualifications and requirements set by the founders of Bethel Sozo; Dawna de Silva and Teresa Liebscher:

  • You will need to have a personal Sozo session before you start a Sozo ministry; contact a Sozo facilitator in your area.
  • You need to have the approval and support of your pastor before you can start a Sozo ministry team.
  • Once you have the approval of your pastor, you can find out how many people are interested in the Sozo training.  You need to have at least two people to start a Sozo ministry.
  • Contact the Regional Director or sub in your area to assist you in this process. See details under Sozo Network.
  • The next step would be to attend a Live Basic Sozo Basic training seminar. CLICK HERE to view the training events schedule. If this is not possible, the training DVD’s and a manual can be purchased from the Regional Director.
    If you attended the live training but the rest of your team were not able to, the DVDs is a good solution. You also then have the benefit to refresh your knowledge frequently, or train new members as you find the need.

Training the team: Get together as a group to watch the DVDs and after each DVD, it is advised that you practice on each other. This is a good way of learning to use the tools, as well as a good bonding process for the group.

When you feel that you understand the process, you need to first sit in as an observer/ 3rd in a session, and then get experience as a 2nd for at least 5 sessions. The Sub/Regional director will advises you to experienced teams close to you or assist you themselves. There after you will get the opportunity to lead a part of a full or part of a Sozo session until you feel confident to lead the whole session yourself.

Please note that you are permitted to use the Sozo tools in other ministries, however we ask that you then refrain from calling it ‘Sozo’. This is purely to prevent any confusion or dilution of the ministry.

Please make sure that you listen to the Bethel Core Values available on /store and read the books recommended in the Basic Sozo manual.

Another document called Frequently Asked Questions will answer many of your questions.

If you’d like there to be a Basic Sozo Training seminar in your town, you can request to host one at your church. Sozo seminars are to be arranged through the Regional Director, who will decide who the teachers and teams are that will be teaching at the seminar. Please see the request form HERE.

The goal of the Bethel Sozo Basic training is to provide tools and information to be trained in the Bethel Sozo ministry. In the Basic Training the tools used are the Father Ladder, Four Doors, Presenting Jesus and The Wall. Forgiveness teaching and other pertinent information are also included in the training.

Once the Bethel Sozo training is completed, the church or organization has developed experience and the pastor/ leader is also more familiar. After a training, the trained group is able to start a Bethel Sozo ministry.

If the new Bethel Sozo ministry wishes to be part of the Bethel Sozo Network, a relationship with a Regional Director nearest to their location is required.

Schedules and cost for the trainings and/ or seminars are determined by the hosting church/ organisations, based on a loose framework given by the trainers.

The leadership that is hosting the training will determine who will be invited to attend this seminar. Those invited can be from the congregation, people released into the Sozo ministry or people from the community.


This information is provided for churches whose leadership is contemplating training at their site for the purpose of establishing a Bethel Sozo ministry or in need of additional training for an existing ministry or a city.

Travel:  If the travel time is over 4 to 6 hours, there will be the need to purchase airplane tickets for two trainers. If the travel time is less than 5 hours, the team will travel by private cars. The church or organization is responsible for cost of transportation at a fixed cost. Sozo team members who wish to travel with the leaders will be responsible for the cost of their transport.

Travel days will be Wednesday and Sundays.

Accommodation: Requires two separate rooms where possible, or 1 room with 2 beds and a separate bathroom. Accommodation for the team will be appreciated.

Meals: will also be provided by the host church.

Sozo sessions/ ministry times will be Thursday, and if a team accompanies the leaders, also Friday and Saturday during the training. These Bethel Sozo personal sessions are recommended for those in leadership, those interested in leadership of the Bethel Sozo ministry or other individuals. Our team can provide personal ministry for individuals who wish a Bethel Sozo appointment. Your Sozo team members can sit in during these personal ministry sessions for the purpose of gaining experience. There is a fee of R200 per personal ministry session.

The Basic Sozo Training Seminar will be all day Friday and Saturday. The Advanced Seminar is all day Friday and all day Saturday. We can provide Sunday services, although we are not ordained pastors. If we provide Sunday services, we will travel on Monday. If we do not provide Sunday services, we will travel back home on Sunday.

The Bethel Sozo team members will be with the leaders from breakfast until bedtime and provide transport where needed.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the training request form. Once completed, please email it to the Regional Director at