Leaders of Sozo South Africa, Deon and Carina are in the final stage of preparations for their first trip to Kenya next week. They are thrilled to be hosting a 2-day Basic Sozo Conference form 23-24 March, at St Marks Church Westlands. They will be training alongside, Bessie Nchenge, Sub facilitator of Bethel Sozo, Cameroon. This will be the second Basic Sozo Training taking place in Nairobi.

Please pray for them during their time away. For more information about the conference, click here.

Caption: Deon and Carina (middle) with Bessie Nchenge (Sub facilitator of Bethel Sozo, Cameroon) (left) and Carine Nwanege (Bethel Sozo Cameroon Team) (right), at the Basic Sozo Training in Lagos which took place in June 2017.