Sozo South Africa had the privilege of hosting Teresa Liebscher, co-leader of Bethel Sozo and founder of the Shabar ministry, in South Africa at the end of May. We had two back-to-back Shabar Mentoring conferences, starting in Cape Town and then moving to Pretoria, during which Teresa demonstrated through live sessions, how the Shabar process is used to bring freedom to those who struggle with the challenges and realities of every day life, due to trauma from their past.


We personally invited around 150 of our experienced Bethel Sozo network ministers from all over South Africa to attend these interactive times of learning. And it was without a doubt an inspiring and life-changing time for all attended! This time has ushered in a season which I believe will see Sozo South Africa grow even more in our ability to serve the broken people within our communities with grace, love and honour. Deborah Enomoto, licenced minister and Sozo trainer, accompanied Teresa and blessed us through with personal Sozo sessions throughout the duration of the conferences, to those leaders who felt the need.


Thank you to the incredible Sozo sub-facilitators and teams from Cape Town and Pretoria who hosted these moments and served us so well.