There are two ways by which you can receive training:

1.  The best way is to attend a live Basic Sozo seminar.

These are held though out the year in various cities/provinces in South Africa. The teachers are all approved by the Bethel Sozo leadership. Please go to Training itinerary to see the training seminars that are planned for this year.

At these conferences you will receive a training manual and meet the directors that are appointed to oversee Bethel Sozo in the country and /or your region. You will also watch a live Sozo demo, which will  give you a great idea of what a session should look like.

Click here for an idea of what the basic programme looks like.

You will also have the opportunity to set up a personal Sozo appointment, which is a requirement before you can start a sozo ministry.

The second way to receive your training, is to watch the training dvd’s that can be purchased from the Regional director. After watching the dvd’s you must contact the Regional director who will direct you to a Sub director /or in the absence thereof, an experienced Sozo team for further practical experience.

Before you can start a Bethel Sozo ministry, or do Sozo’s for others, you need to get your pastor’s permission and blessing. He must release you to start this ministry. Sozo South Africa is releases teams into ministry. Out of this covering flows the opportunity to be mentored, trained, and incorporated  in the Bethel Sozo network in South Africa.

For more information go to” How to start a Sozo team”.


2.  Work through dvd’s and practice on each other as training goes on;

Build close relationships and trust;

Everyone must have a personal Sozo with a qualified person;

Everyone must have the opportunity to sit in as a ‘third’, for at least 1 session;

Everyone must have the opportunity to sit in as a ‘second’ for at least 5 sessions;

The sub-director in your region, or in the absence of one, the Regional-director (Carina Boshoff – will help/ or direct you how to achieve this.

You must be released into ministry by your pastor, and the regional- or sub-director in your area. It gives validity to your team.

Teaching material:

  • DVD’s – You are allowed to make 10 copies.
  • MANUALS – There is copyright on the Training Manuals, NO copying, translations or adding on information is allowed. For training of your teams, you can order directly from Bethel store, or from the Regional Director. Cost is about R180 each. The electronic copies are only for use with Live Training events, organized by the Regional Director