Your SOZO session

What to expect:

A Bethel Sozo session can take between 2 and three hours. It will be lead by 2 people who have been released to be in a Sozo team. The one person will lead the session, while the other person will intercede. It will be a Spirit-led interaction between you and the team leader. It is not counselling.

In the session you will experience God in a new way, and He will gently reveal to you wounds and lies and perceptions that have become barriers and even strongholds which have kept you away from victory, joy and an intimate relationship with the God.

In a session we deal with the schemes of the demonic, but do not focus on him. The focus is on Jesus and as we exchange lies with His truths, and healing is happening, the demonic loses ground and is forced to leave. For the same reasons the freedom gained in a Sozo session tends to stick.

What God says to you will be written down so you can go out with that.

It is normal for people to come into a Sozo session slightly nervous, not seeing or hearing God. It is normal for people to leave a Sozo session wondering why they were anxious, and seeing & hearing God clearly!

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