Feedback – Sozo Team Leaders Advance

The Sozo Team Leaders Advance that took place in August, was enjoyed by all. Carmel Holiday Resort in Victory Bay (just outside George), with its lovely views, tranquility, hospitality and beautiful chapel, set the scene for God encounters and worship from the heart.

The conference was a wonderful time for making heart connections with other passionate Sozo leaders in the continent. Everybody was encouraged and equipped with more insight on the connection between body, soul and spirit, and the transformation that takes place when the whole man gets healed, saved and delivered (or 'Sozo'ed') through what Jesus did on the cross.

A big thank you to each leader who came – it was a very special time indeed.

Below are some photos from the weekend at Carmel. 

IMG_9562[1] IMG_9561[1]


IMG_9638[1]IMG_9613[1] IMG_9616[1] (1)IMG_9585[1]IMG_9587[1]IMG_9641[1]IMG_9649[1] IMG_9584[1]

IMG_9563[1] IMG_9572[1]

IMG_9566[1] IMG_9570[1] IMG_9571[1] IMG_9568[1]      


  IMG_9576[1]    IMG_9565[1] IMG_9563[1] IMG_9566[1] IMG_9570[1] IMG_9575[1] 


   IMG_9596[1]  IMG_9594[1]      



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