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2 Responses

  1. Blanche says:

    Good day I have completed the form on your website wanting to receive news updates but it could not be submitted as there is no submit button to send it. I have completed a form last week as well as send an email to have a sozo session but received no feedback yet.

    • Janine Langheim says:

      Hi Blanche

      Apologies for this error relating to the news updates! Please click here to subscribe to our newsletter. 

      In connection with your request to have a sozo session, Carina will be in contact with you in the next day or two to find out how we can connect you with a SOZO team in your area.

      Please feel free to call us on 044 384 0005 should you need any further assistance.

      Warm regards

      Janine, on behalf of SOZO SA

      044 384 0005

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