Upcoming Conferences with Leaders from Bethel Sozo & Bethel Church

We have incredibly gifted speakers from Bethel Sozo, and Bethel Church in CA, coming to SA in Septemer! We are hosting eight conferences in three cities and urge you to do whatever you need to, to get to at least one of these events!

You can now book and pay for these tickets online!

All you need to know:

1. Money and the Prosperous Soul:
Teacher: Stephen De Silva
Dates: 4 – 5th September, 09:00-16:00
Venue: GodFirst Rosebank, JHB
For more information on this event,venue and registration, please contact:admin@centralparks.co.za

2. Global Legacy meeting: 
Speaker: Stephen and Dawna De Silva
Topic: Overview of Money and The Prosperous Soul -Basis of Financial Sozo.
Venue: El Shaddai church, Durbanville
Date: 10th September, 17:30-19:00, directly flowing out from this meeting is 'An evening with Stephen De Silva'
Registration cost: R 50


3. An evening with Stephen De Silva (Author of Money and the Prosperous Soul)
Topic: The heart of 'Money and the Prosperous Soul'
Speaker: Stephen De Silva
Date: 10th September, 19:00-21:30
Venue: El Shaddai church, Durbanville
Registration cost: R120


4. Shifting Atmospheres: (no.1)
Teachers: Dawna De Silva and Faith Blatchford
Dates: 11&12 September, 2 full days.
Venue: Oakhill church, (Former Durbanville Family Church), Sonstraal Heights.
Registration cost: R650


5. Children's Sozo conference: (no.1)
Teacher: Susan Anderson
Date: 15 & 16th September, 2 full days
Venue: Life Church,Somerset west.
Registration cost: R600


6. Prophetic conference:
Teachers: Dawna De Silva and Faith Blatchford
Date: 15 & 16th September, 2 evening sessions – 19:00-21:00
Venue: Hearts United Fellowship,Strand.
Registration cost: R300


7. Shifting Atmospheres: (no.2)
Teachers: Dawna De Silva and Faith Blatchford
Dates: 18 & 19th September, 2 full days.
Venue: The Rock Church, Umhlanga Rocks, KZN.
Registration cost: R650


8. Children's Sozo conference: (no. 2)
Teacher: Susan Anderson
Date: 18 & 19th September, 2 full days
Venue: Doxadeo, Silverlakes, Pretoria
Registration Cost: R600










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